Nokia 808 PureView Pre-Order Prices Round-Up

Ausgestellt am 2012/04/12, vom in Technology.

I think most of you know about Nokia’s upcoming Symbian flagship, the 808 PureView. It is best known for its 41MP camera which should deliver unbeatable stills and videos. The camera is not the only good thing about the 808. For the first time since years, Nokia is offering a Symbian device no-holds-barred. HDMI-Out, 4″ CBD-screen, exchangeable battery, NFC, FM-transmitter, everything is there. For me the 808 will be enough for at least the next 18 months, which should be enough time for Nokia to come up with a new phone where I don’t have to loose features when I “upgrade”. So what does this device cost? Find out after the break! Here are the current (12.04.2012) pre-order prices. If you find other prices and places, let me know! Netherlands – – 565,00€ Germany – – 498,99€ United Kingdom – – £539.95 ~ 655,85€ Italy – – 599,00€ Read you later!

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